I see you, mama.

You're chasing your business dreams and those little feet, trying not to blink before another day flies on by. 

Gift yourself with the greatest act of self-care and grow your business alongside those littles. 

I'm here to offer you the support you need to mindfully explore your values, find your voice, and bring your brand to life with stunning print and digital design.


I invite you to come as you are—I sure will.

Services & Process

We provide brand identity and web design services for small business owners who are ready to soar. We believe that brand identity goes way deeper than your logo, fonts, and colors and work tirelessly alongside you to showcase your authentic self and the magic you offer.

Start with your brand identity

All Mama & Company projects begin with brand identity design. 

Using a combo of questionnaires and deep conversations, we'll work together to identify your brand values, core messaging, voice, & tone. This foundational work is essential for the longevity of your brand and the creation of stunning visuals that set you apart from the crowd. If you already have some of your visual components in place, we'll work to refine them and expand their reach.

Included are all of the core elements your business needs to grow:

core values

mission statement

vision statement

unique selling proposition

voice & tone guide

ideal audience outline

color palette

mood board
primary logo

secondary logo

web favicon

design accents

business cards

social media re-brand templates

font suggestions

#hashtags & tagline

style guide

re-brand launch guide

Stunning & functional website design

Mama & Company leads by authentic example and utilizes technology platforms that are never intimidating, helping to remove barriers for business owners who are already maxed out. 

I’m a big advocate for right-sized solutions that are both time and budget-friendly. Perhaps unconventional in the graphic design world, our websites are primarily designed using the WIX platform.


Here's why I prefer WIX:

  • You own it! We believe that all websites are a living representation of your business and often need frequent content updates (events, blog, new offers, etc.) and don't want you to feel like you have to rely on anyone (including us!) to make simple changes on the fly.

  • Low maintenance! Girl, you have enough going on. Once your website is all set up, there’s little maintenance outside of content updates and the drag-and-drop builder is easy for most everyone to use after a quick tutorial (+ videos that are yours to refer to any time you need a refresher). 

  • So many options! You can absolutely have an online store, password protected pages, and SEO options are great. 

If your business is e-commerce based and you'd like a more robust online shop, let's talk! Shopify is also an excellent option and might be a better fit–let's chat!

A la carte design solutions to keep you growing

Extras for alumni

Print Design

rack cards

business cards


product labels

Digital Templates

email onboarding templates

newsletter setup

social media templates

Ongoing Support

website updates


new idea implementation

Let's find out if we're a good fit for each other

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