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A Little About Me

I'm a mama, wife, business owner, desert dweller, & community champion

Grateful Business Owner

Becoming a business owner is a gift that I never envisioned giving to myself and now I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's empowering and allows me to raise my littles right alongside me. My biggest hope is that I am a role model for my girls & encourage them to chase their big, bold dreams.

Rooted in Nonprofits

My 15+ years working within the nonprofit sector has been a privilege.  As an advocate for compassion and inclusion for all, I’ve made it my personal mission to support others who are doing good work by changing our communities for the better—and now that means YOU!

Trained Counselor

Yep, I have a MS in Counseling Psychology (not licensed, because #burnout). I'm here to lend an ear just for you, mama. Opening up about your career dreams while parenting and figuring out the nuts & bolts of your business is hard, and I'm here for you all the way.

Snack Lover

I mean, who doesn't love a good snack?!

I'll eat just about anything, but here are my current faves: peanut butter filled pretzels, cheese in any form, bell peppers with hummus, salami, and toast with (probably) too much butter.

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Oh, hey!

Working moms thrive when we feel valued and accepted for everything we are.  


Opening up about career dreams and figuring out the nuts & bolts of operating a business is hard and vulnerable work. Layer on top of that, the endless work of raising kids and running a household, and it can all seem like too much. 

I believe that building your brand and website can be fun, with an added bonus of feeling more aligned in the work you do and rediscovering who you are outside of work & parenting.


I aim to lead by authentic example and utilize technology platforms that are never intimidating, helping to remove barriers for business owners who are already maxed out. I provide a launchpad for small business owners to live a life that is more purposeful and meets their financial goals without the overwhelm.


Together, we can show up with our mom buns, kids on our laps (or tbh, on their iPad in the next room over), and get the work done.

Love, Sarah


Photo of Sarah, pregnant, and holding her daughter. Wearing red & pink dresses in a yellow field

why mamas?

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Being a mama means experiencing a unique combo of never getting a moment alone and feeling completely isolated all at once. For me, trying to separate work and parenting was a struggle so I've chosen to embrace both and blend them together.


Among the many (many!) inequities that the pandemic has shed light on, working parenthood and the insurmountable pressure to 'do it all' placed on womxn rose to the top. Our kids now make appearances in our Zoom calls as we have been thrust into becoming full-time caretakers and full-time workers all at once. While I've found this to be wildly challenging, I also felt contentment in showing up more authentically than ever–messy home life and all.

Mama & Company is for mamas in whatever way that means to you.


It's for mamas of kids young and old, someday mamas, mamas who never got the chance to meet their babies, aunties, grammies, caregivers, friends, and the super nice neighbor down the street who snuggles my babies and gives them right back when they need a diaper change.


While use the term 'mama', my gift of service to you is in no way restricted by gender, the pronouns you use, or how you show up in our world. I only ask for your authentic self, because your brand and this world need you exactly as you are.

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